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Inspect the quality of the goods before shipping is critical if we want to avoid surprises. UGARI verifies whether the goods comply with the quality specifications confirmed by the client and prepares a complete report with photos and videos, within 48 hours.

Unlike the traditional inspection agencies, in case of any problem found, we immediately inform our customer. We also push and negotiate with the supplier, coordinated with our client, in order to solve the problems arise as soon as possible avoiding missing the shipment. We offer the following types of inspection:

  • Inspection during mass production: we inspect the production batch while manufacturing with the purpose to solve any failures at this stage. This inspection is recommended for first orders or when ​​modifications have been done to standard products.
  • Pre-shipment Inspection: we inspect the production batch after been manufactured and before being loaded into the container. In this case a random sample of the product is inspected, according to the AQL (Acceptable Quality Level).
  • Inspection of container load: we verify the correct loading of goods in the container and check the code and the seal will be shown in the Bill of Loading (B /L).